Hotrunner technology
for zinc die-casting

The first and only full hot runner for zinc die-casting. Die-casting hot runner for sprueless production.

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Production of plates and mould bases​

Individually machined mould bases and plates according to your specifications at competitive prices. (According to 3D data and/or drawings and color-coded data.)​

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Precision, Flexibility, ​Maneuverability and​ Elegance.​

Ferrofacta offers you ​the world´s only ​hot-runner-technology​ for zinc die-casting​ and opens new​ doors on the procurement market of ​Mould making.


The dragonflies are ​characterized by an extraordinay flying mechanism. The ability to ​move the two pairs of wings independently also allows them to make abrupt changes of direction, to stand in the air, some species even fly backwards. ​

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